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Mendeola Transaxles

MD4-2D Mendeola Transaxle offer a wide selection of Weddle Racing ring and pinions and Weddle Industries’ proprietary 2D gear sets are available, making this trans incredibly versatile. With so many ratio combinations to choose from, the MD4-2D trans can be set up for anything from a short course car to a desert pre-runner. We also offer full service and repair as well.

Mendeola transaxles feature:

  • Industry proven Weddle Klingelnberg 10″ diameter ring and pinion
  • Spiral bevel ring and pinion reduces frictional losses and can be run mid or rear engine
  • Bronze load bolt prevents ring gear displacement
  • 2″ narrower than a VW Bus trans
  • 300M G50 input shaft (1″x 23 spline)
  • 930 or 934 drive flanges available
  • External housings cast from A356 aluminum and heat treated to T6 condition
  • Housings stainless shot blasted after casting
  • Billet aluminum sidecovers
  • Bell housing available for top or side mount starter
  • Housings pre-drilled for external oil system
  • Billet aluminum racing differential available