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I am Benco

I love what I do

I'm Benjamin Berniklau, I'm a second generation VW transaxle specialist who learned the ropes about the complexities of VW transaxles from my father. This is the only thing I have ever done and after a lifetime of trying new parts and ideas (and sometimes failing), I have discovered what works best for different applications. I have literally have blown stuff up so you do not have to learn the hard way.

This isn't just work for me, it's my life. I'll drive my Class 11 style bug, towing a Seadoo, to Lake Havasu for the weekend. I have a chopped down '57 splitty with paddles and a turbo motor that I thrash at Glamis. I've finished Hot Rod's Drag Weekend with the fastest four cylinder average in my '67 Bug with '48's on nitros. I even have a 450hp turbo ecotec in a sand rail that'll do 10's after dropping the kids off at school. I love this life.

Give me a call, tell me what you want to do with your VW, and I'll build you the best damn transaxle you can get.